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An advisory has been developed by a work group from the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), and the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA), in conjunction with several other organizations, to inform Community College administrators of important actions by CalSTRS affecting retirement service credit.

On November 25, 2013 CalSTRS issued an Information Circular Volume 29: Issue 3 (listed below) which offers affected CalSTRS members an opportunity to file a Retirement System Election form (ES-372) to resolve any potential challenges about service credit earned in positions that are not teaching positions.

As a District CalSTRS employee, if you began working in any position since July 1, 1996 that was not a pure faculty position, and you did not complete an election form within 60 days of beginning that assignment. Please contact the San Diego Community College District Retirement Reporting at (619) 388-6724 for assistance in submitting the Retirement System Election Form ES-372 (listed below) to the Retirement Reporting Office before the deadline of May 23, 2014. Even if your position is correctly classified at San Diego Community College District and you completed an ES-372 form in your current position, if a prior position was inappropriately classified and no ES-372 form was completed for that position, you must submit an Retirement System Election ES-372 form for each position.

Please note: If you have worked for more than one employer or in multiple positions for your current employer, your current employer will submit your completed ES-372 Form and complete a Justification Letter on your behalf to CalSTRS, even if you held a questionable position with more than one employer.

If there is any doubt regarding any position that you previously held was performing creditable service work please complete the Retirement System Election form below and submit to the San Diego Community College District Retirement Reporting for processing. For more information please click on the below CalSTRS Website link:

For questions, please contact San Diego Community College District Retirement Reporting below:

Paula Lancaster (619) 388-6516
Fax (619) 388-6898

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