Human Resources Systems Services

Employee Data Requests:

Please e-mail the HR Systems department directly if you have specific employee data request needs that you are not able to fulfill by accessing the annually published Facts on File.

General system errors or system modifications:

If you are experiencing an error with the Colleague HR application, please call 619-388-6955 or email us at HR Systems Requests.

Obtaining Colleague Human Resources Access:

A HR User Authorization form is required for each staff member, or for changes to any current staff member's access. The form requires approval by your manager/supervisor. Click here to access the form. Send the approved form to HR Systems via interoffice mail, or send a PDF of the signed form to HR Systems Requests. Changes will be confirmed by an e-mail.

In order to complete the form, you need to know the appropriate security class for the required screen/process access. If you need assistance while completing this portion of the Authorization form, please contact HR Systems directly.

Reporting and Analysis of Employee Information:

The State Chancellor's Office collects and produces employee data reports for various State and Federal government officials on an annual and term end basis.
  • The MIS employee data is collected and produced for public viewing and can be queried under Data Mart.
  • The Full-Time Faculty Obligation is a required report per the Education Code Section 87482.6, Title 5, CCR Sections 51025 and 53300, et seq. and can be reviewed online here.
  • The Federal government collects employee IPEDS Reporting on an annual basis and can be reviewed on a nationwide level here.

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